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Maxpower specializes in the product engineering, design, and development of mobile charging products in all range. 


Our multidisciplinary professionals, researchers, designers, and engineers use their in-depth knowledge of different sectors and technology to inspire new and unique solutions. 

Power Station (Code Name: 3818)

A customized power station being charged by solar panel or DC charger, with output combination of USB-A, DC5521 and universal AC outlets. 


VJ Series Power Station

The VJ power station is comprised with USB-C, USB-A, DC5521 and universal AC outlets. This product series is available in different capacities ranging from 500Wh to 2,000Wh with various output power options for users to choose from.


Power Bank (Code Name: 8645)

A high capacity power bank with a battery capacity of 30,000mAh designed for mobile workforce for charging professional USB-C laptop computers on-the-go with Power Delivery standard and latest fast-charging protocols.


VS Series Power Banks
for the Visually Impaired

Energrid dedicates to cater the charging needs of the visually impaired. VS Series Power Banks bring new charging experience to those with impairments, and a new way to take part in making a better and sustainable world. Patented design.



Simply connect Pinout with any typical computer power supply unit, no matter it's a new one or one that has been hiding in the body of a desktop computer bought in the early 00's, as long as it's functioning, juice is always ready. Patented design.


A.I. Power Bank

An innovative artificial intelligence technology that autonomously detects potential mobile charging risks and takes self-regulating actions to power, reinforce and safeguard every charging activity. State-of-the-art Battery Firewall provides an extra layer of safety protection against external risks. Patented design.



Energrid provides a platform to charge any mobile devices that are compatible with popular wireless-charging standards in multiple dimensions. Easily build an authentic charging format to fit actual charging need, and free up from unnecessary wires and cords. Patented design.

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