Maxpower R24HS Reversible Super-Fast USB Charging & Data Transmission Cable


Maxpower R24HS brings you the reversible super-fast charging experience.  Simply connect any charging device and your gadget with R24HS, and let the power being transmitted in a fast yet efficient way.

Simply connect any charging device or gadget with R24HS without worrying about the plug's orientation or the cable's direction. R24HS can connect to any standard USB-A and USB micro-B ports, no matter what the manufacturer or the type of gadget actually is.

22AWG super-fast charging threads inside (supports 3.5A high-current transmission)   |   4N (99.99%) oxygen-free copper threads   |   24K pure gold-plated connectors   |   High-density triple shielding   |   Data transmission capability 

Connectors: USB Micro-B / A   |   Length: 20cm / 120cm