Maxpower PD35X USB-C 4-Port Universal Travel Adaptor


Suitable for more than 250 countries and regions all over the world including U.S., U.K., China, Australia, Japan, Europe, and Middle East etc. 

One USB-C and three 2.4A Smart USB output charging ports with Auto-Match charging feature providing the most optimized charging power to different devices. 

Intelligent portable charger enables handy charging for an array of smart gadgets smartphones, tablets, and more. 

Chip-level over-charged, over-power, over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protections. 

Input: 100V - 240V  0.6A   |   Outputs: [AC] Max. 250V 6A (1,500W)  [USB-A 1-3] Smart IQ 5V 2.4A  [USB-C] 5V 3A  [USB Total] 5V 5A   |  

Dimensions: 68mm x 55mm x 50mm 

Assured by worldwide product liability insurance.